Houston Inventors Association
Past Speakers and Topics

Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights
Ken Roddy, Registered U.S. Patent Agent www.patentstuff.com Workshop - How to protect your idea in the early stages, and Everything you wanted to know about patents.(1/16/19)

Esther Crawford, Government Publications Department Head , Discussed the Rice University Fondren Library Patent Depository Library services and other programs for inventors. (2/14/07)

"What Inventors Should Know About Trade Secrets", presented by John J. Davis, III with the law firm of Patout & Shaw, PLLC www.patoutshaw.com. John discussed great steps that may be taken to protect the secret or invention.

Brian Carpenter of Texas A&M Library demonstrated how to do an on-line patent search using their new "Tip2" (Texas Intellectual Property Partnership) facility.(4/28/04)

Sandeep "Sandy" Seth, Susman Godfrey, LLP Intellectual Property Attorney specializing in litigation discussed "Patent Infringement Litigation""Patent Infringement Litigation", "Patent Claims", and "Designing Around". (5/14/08)

Government and Non-Profit Programs
How you can receive up to 40 hours of free technical assistance through SATOP (the Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program). This is an excellent FREE resource and has helped many of our members and other local inventors solve technical, design, and material selection problems with their product. Your invention does not have to be high tech or space related to receive help. (6/13/18)

Joe Decker of U of H Small Business Development Center (UH SBDC) Free business consulting and affordable training seminars for entrepreneurs in the start-up mode as well as to experienced business owners who want to take their companies to the next level. (10/24/12)

Roland von Kurnatowski, Executive Director of TX/RX LABS discussed this Houston nonprofit makerspace for inventors and creators that provides over 600 classes each year in an open environment staffed by professional educators, engineers, inventors, artists, and coders, who teach and help others to use high-tech tools to turn ideas into realities, such as 3D printers, computer-aided drafting (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines, laser cutters, plasma cutters, lathes, mills, water jets, and router tables. (06/12/20)

"Doing Market Research", presented by Mark Streich, Director of Technology Innovation at the University of Houston Small Business Development Center (UH-SBDC). Mark advises (for free!) entrepreneurs and startups in a variety of markets on such issues as validating their business models, company strategy, operational issues, market positioning, intellectual property, financial projections, managing projects, restructuring their organization for success, funding opportunities, as well as executive coaching. Mark is often referred to as the "Startup Whisperer", and gained public notoriety when Toastmasters named him "2nd Funniest Man in Houston." (10/23/13)

Mr. Irwin Miller of the Houston Chapter of SCORE(Service Corp of Retired Executives), discussed the small business counseling and training services offered by this well known nonprofit organization and how they may help inventors. (10/10/12)

Ann Pham of the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC). TMAC Gulf Coast is affiliated with the University of Houston College of Technology. TMAC Gulf Coast provides a broad array of resources, training, technical assistance, and other services to small and medium size companies in the greater Houston area that help increase profits, streamline manufacturing processes, optimize operations, increase productivity, and integrate technology and equipment. (9/9/09)

Houston Technology Center (HTC), A non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, is Houston's business accelerator and the largest technology business incubator in Texas. HTC accelerates the commercialization of emerging technology companies in Greater Houston by providing in-depth business guidance, access to capital and service providers, and entrepreneurial education. (2/28/07)

Scott Provost, Johnson Technical Support Group - SBIR and STTR government grant programs, technology transfer, available technologies and access to facilities and experts to assist the inventor with challenging technical issues, and seeking scientists and engineers. (5/28/03)

Linda Ravey discussed the new Texas A&M University Technology Transfer and Commercialization Initiative program to add value to entrepreneurial research and development endeavors for the express purpose of accelerating the right technologies to market.

Lucia Sevcik, of HoustonRobotics.org and Regional Director of "FIRST" Robotics Competition for Students discussed this great program and showed local winners of the Lone Star Regional. (5/12/04)

Public Relations - Social Media
"Social Media Marketing 101 - All the Basics of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter” - Presented by Shelley Roth of Springboard Social Media http://springboardworks.com/. Shelley is a marketing professional, trainer, speaker, author and consultant, and loves to train small business owners, entrepreneurs, and independent professionals on how to incorporate social media marketing tools into existing marketing plans for increased brand recognition and sales. (3/27/13)

Ms. Sandy Lawrence, Small Business Marketing Expert, Founder and CEO of Perceptive Marketing. Sandy is a marketing and promotions executive with over 30 years experience, and a publicist for authors, publishers, speakers and small business owners. She has developed programs for independent authors and small businesses with limited budgets for marketing and hosts monthly Marketing Bistro workshops to train participants to do their own marketing. (2/27/13)

Noted author Steve Greenberg discussed his fascinating book about garage inventors, GADGET NATION: A Journey Through the Eccentric World of Invention (www.gadgetnation.net) It showcases more than 100 off-beat gadgets and the inventors behind them. These aren't fictional gag gadgets. They are actual, real products that you can buy today. Maybe you already have? Available at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

"How to Obtain News Coverage on an Invention" and "Writing a Press Release, Developing a Press Kit and Contacting the Media" presented by Emily Oberton, Communications Representative at Shell Deer Park. (2/27/08)

Mary Lynn Fernau, President of The Fernau Group Public Relations and Marketing - How to identify your audience, determine your message and get public exposure for your business, product or project. (11/13/02)

Laura Emerson of Great Communications, Inc. - Marketing Your Invention as a Business to Investors. (9/25/02)

Jeff Applegate, President of Blackwell Plastics discussed "How Blackwell Plastics Works With Inventors". Blackwell Plastics, the largest custom plastics injection molder in the south central United States, provides plastic injection molding, extrusion, tooling, assembly, and finishing services. (1/25/12)

(Via Skype) Chris Hawker, founder of award-winning inventor-oriented industrial design firm Trident Design, LLC (www.trident-design.com). He is a serial inventor specializing in unique problem-solver gadgets, like the PowerSquid and the Onion Goggles and has licensed products as well as manufactured and marketed them himself. With over 25 products on the market and cumulative sales in the millions, Chris's products have been sold in nearly every major retail outlet. Chris discussed how to approach each step in turning an idea into a real product as outlined in his eBook, "The Inventor's Mind". (11/14/12)

"Outsourcing to China", Presented by Julian Wang, President of CINOVA LLC, in Sugarland, discussed things to consider when outsourcing to China and if it is the right step for your product or prototype. There are many advantages to sourcing when outsourcing with China when done correctly. He provided a practical and informative presentation and walk us through the steps including how to review your sourcing readiness, identifying your product specifications, finding suppliers and assessing their reliability, exchange rate factors, transportation logistics, plus much more. (10/11/17)

"Manufacturing Techniques", presented by Al Muller. Al discussed the various different tools and production processes in which products and prototypes can be made. (3/22/09)

"How Innovations Led To My Business" presented by Marti Frost, President of Frost Products Mfg., a plastics design and manufacturing company that makes a variety of products from crash test dummies, waste receptacles, planters, plastic lumber, benches, tables, bike racks and more. You want it, she'll make it. (7/27/05)

Dan Kaspar of Kaspar Wire Works, Inc. Manufacturer of stock and custom products from wire, sheetmetal, and tubing. Their product line includes baskets, fan guards, display stands, easels, food processing equipment, computer frames and stands, furniture components, and saddle rigging. Kaspar Die & Tool offers design and machining services for forming, stamping, progressive, coil-feed and other high-volume production tooling for metal, plastic, leather, and cloth manufacturers. (10/23/02)

"Overseas product development and importing" - Hilmar Lassberg, of Consumer Direct Marketing. (6/11/08)

Nightingale Industries, a company that employs handicapped workers to provide product assembly, packaging, labeling, mailing, and many other services related to production and sales. (4/24/02)

"Packaging For Your Product" - presented by Mich Samuels of Victory Packaging. (5/9/01)

Product Design and Development
David Ayers, Ayers Concepts spoke about "The toy industry's interaction with inventors, creativity methods for toy inventing, prototyping, and protecting your idea". David's first invention was inspired by Rubik's Cube and helped secure an appointment with Milton Bradley that took him to his first New York Toy Fair in 1987. The show inspired him to create more toy inventions after that, and he has not missed a toy fair since. He has sold inventions to Fisher-Price and AquaLeisure, and received advances on inventions from Hasbro, DSI Toys, and Tek Nek Toys. David also owns Apikuni Innovation LLC that provides mechanical engineering consulting, and Bluecat Precision LLC that provides machined components. (3/13/19)

Mike Gillespie of Brite Ideas discussed Product Design, Graphics, and Invention Development. Mike has invented numerous toys as well as lawn and garden products for Hasbro, Fisher-Price, Step-2, DSI, California Creations and RealAid, Inc. He does sell sheets, illustrations for reports, renderings, drawings for patents, logos and graphics all on computer, as well as prototyping, product design, and invention development. (5/9/18)

"Inventor to Inventor Straight Talk - Improving Your Odds for Success" Local engineer and inventor Don Bushby shared his experiences, tips and insights regarding the inventing process, and improving your odds for achieving financial success. Don's discussion included some basics steps regarding: screening your ideas, protecting your invention and developing your invention into a business opportunity. (6/23/10)

www.protostarengineering.com - "Turning Bright Ideas Into Winning Products", Grant Schaffner, PhD, discussed the wide range of their engineering services, their philosophy, and how they do business, and their involvement with the US Bobsled and Skeleton Federation and the US Olympic Committee. They also assist with brainstorming and problem solving - medical devices, aerospace, human performance, and consumer products. (7/23/08)

Tom Theaker discussed "Computer Aided Drafting" and various different types of drawings that inventors may need in the design and development of an invention (7/27/11)

Art Schulze, of Wharton, TX, President of Healthcare Technology Group discussed product design, planning, market-acceptance surveys, technology forecasting, product feasibility analyses, start-up management, technology-transfer support, and commercialization planning, and also the new 20th Century Technology Museum that exhibits technological developments of the 20th century.

Product Design and Packaging, presented by Rajan Sedalia, Industrial Designer, Illustrator and Inventor www.artjar.com. (6/9/04)

"New Product Design", presented by Milton Rosenau, of Rosenau Consulting Company. (6/12/02)

"Product Safety for Inventors", Workshop presented by Al Muller. (3/28/01)

Wayne Luciano of Acumen Design Studio - Consumer product design and development company. Product design, packaging, advertising and presentation to major consumer product companies. (11/20/02)

Don Eikermann, of HALO Branded Solutions, discussed advertising premium and promotional products. His company is the largest of its kind in the US. (6/27/01)

"How to Price Your Product", presented by Brian Shannon. (7/11/01)

"Marketing and Product Packaging", presented by Zed Daniels of Advertising Advantage. (3/23/05)

Webpage Design and Internet
We presented our first remote videoconference setup. Our remote speaker was Adam Burnett, former HIA board member who works on NASA's Robonaut Team at Johnson Space Center, and our own Seth Nyenya was the moderator and handled communications from our meeting at Bayland. Adam discussed the organization he helped form in the Clear Lake area known as CREATOR SPACE Creatorspace.org and we also had a live question and answer session. (7/11/12)

David Dupont, inventor of the Shure-Step Safety Stepstools, discussed marketing strategies, and "How To Make The Internet Work For You" (6/13/12).

"Branding Guidelines: Top 10 tips for successfully branding your product, service or company" – Presented by JJ Lassberg JJ Lassberg.com, Project Manager and Social Media Consultant for Schipul.com - The Web Marketing Company. (8/25/10)

Houston optometrists Dr. Guy Hodgson and Dr. Dhavid Cooper of FramesDirect.com, a global leader in online eyeglass sales, discussed their patented new online FrameFinder Virtual Try-On System for "trying on" eyeglasses that gives users a true view of what they look like wearing glasses they've personally selected, and it's all done from the convenience of their home or work computer. (10/26/05)

Media and Videos
Sherry Carter of Star Video Digital Productions a Hollywood-trained producer with over 15 years of experience. spoke about How to effectively use video for product marketing, and offered tips and tricks to give "Do It Yourself" video projects a more professional look. (8/26/09)

"How to Make a TV Commercial", presented by Bode Higgs, noted independent producer of television commercials. (3/12/03)

Mark and Tina Schaefbauer, from League City, discussed how they invented the "BAITBUTLER" Live Bait Retrieval System, and how they received help from the HIA and Stephen Key of InventRight and successfully licensed it to Flambeau Outdoors. It is now available at major retailers including Flambeau Outdoors, Dick's Sporting Goods, Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops, Fishing Tackle Unlimited, Boyd's One Stop, Walmart, and Amazon. (3-11-2020)

Bait Butler Video
Click to see short video

"THE INVENTING PROCESS and LICENSING vs. MANUFACTURING", presented by Mark Peterson. Mark has been in product development for over 25 years in a variety of industries and products and runs the HIA 3rd Wednesday meeting were members can get help on their specific ideas they are developing. His discussion focused on the general steps to take for developing an idea in the pursuit of getting it to the market and things to consider when determining whether to go the licensing route or venturing to be an entrepreneur/manufacturer. The discussion imphasized the licensing aspects as most inventors may want to pursue that route. Mark also discussed different types and levels of prototyping and to what level you should go to when pursuing your idea so you don't break the bank. (2/14/18)

David Fink, Litigator in the Federal Courts, discussed: "License Agreements and Details of the Negotiation Process", "Non-Disclosure Agreements for Patents", "Royalty Payments", "Provisional Applications" and things to be aware of and to avoid when attempting to market your invention. Knowing and understanding these issues may make your path to marketing your invention easier and possibly profitable, and save your great invention. (8/8/2018)

Alan Beckley, www.alanbeckley.com, Past President of the Texas Inventors Association, inventor of the very successful thin, flexible RFID protecting "Wonder Wallet", author of 2 books: "Daring to Invent: 8 Steps to Turn Your Idea into a Successful Product" and "6 Small Steps to Big Change: How to Upgrade Your Life One Tiny Action at a Time" (available at Amazon.com). Alan discussed his long journey through the stages of: idea, prototype, working model, and finally licensing it. He also talked about his time in the trenches selling anywhere and everywhere and scraping by to make a living, his time at QVC, having products manufactured in China, and how he finally found a path to Allstar Products to go "big time" on DRTV with the product.

"Licensing and Commercialization of Your Product", presented by Dan Altman of Venture Assistance. Dan is a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP), certified by the Licensing Executives Society, and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), certified by the Institute of Management Consultants. His company, Venture Assistance, helps inventors, entrepreneurs, companies, universities, and government agencies with licensing (intellectual property transfer), business venturing, product commercialization and management consulting services. (10/13/10)

Mr. Nolan Sagebiel of Minigrip Inc., division of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), discussed their search for new products from independent inventors. Minigrip Inc., located in Seguin, TX, is a worldwide leader in the manufacture and sales of reclosable plastic bags for industrial packaging, medical and institutional food service markets. ITW manufactures a wide range of products including: transportation-related components, fasteners, fluids and polymers, truck remanufacturing and related parts and service; steel, plastic and paper products and equipment used for bundling, shipping and protecting goods in transit; equipment and consumables associated with specialty power conversion, metallurgy and electronics; commercial food equipment and related service; tools, fasteners and other products for construction applications; adhesives, sealants, lubrication and cutting fluids, and hygiene products; decorative surfacing materials for furniture, office and retail space, countertops and other applications. ITW Companies and Products. (5/25/2011)

"How To Lose Your Invention and/or Patent", presented by David Fink, Patent Litigation Attorney. There are many ways to ruin your life by losing a great invention, or a patent. Invention promoters and "helpers" are only a small, but dangerous path to failure. Sincere, but silly ideas from friends will also wreak havoc on inventors. An alarm should sound in your head when you think about profiting from your invention at apparently no cost, or with little or practically no effort. Knowing and understanding these issues may make your life worth living, and possibly profitable.(3/8/17)

"MARKETING 101" - Presented by David DuPont inventor of the "SHURE STEP" ® - Safety stepstools. David told how the Shure-Step safety step stool was invented, has become the safest step stool in the world, and how he has been successfully marketing it in a wide range of commercial markets. He also shared his "Marketing Trifecta", the 3 Essential Strategies you must have for marketing your product. (11/14/18)

Steve Silbiger, Chief Marketing Officer at www.topdogdirect.com, discussed how his company seeks new products and takes TV successes to retail, with over a billion in retail sales. "As Seen on TV" products are their specialty. Their first success was Tan Perfect in 1998, followed by Urine Gone, Mighty Putty, Mighty Mendit, Smart Mop, Strap Perfect, Mighty Fixit, Hot Booties, Fast Brite, Stream Clean, Tag Away, Night View NV and the BeActive Brace, which is currently the #1 "As Seen on TV" product on retail shelves. 11/9/16

Bill Bragman, local entrepreneur and Product Sales Specialist, presented a "HOW TO GUIDE - Once the Product is Envisioned" Topics included: (1) Getting Your Products to Market, (2) Marketing Your Products, (3) Are Your Products Viable, and (4) Packaging Your Products. Bill is the President and Owner of YakGear www.yak-gear.com, a company that manufactures and sells innovative kayak accessories and hardware, and Owner and National Sales Manager of EGS Hinge LLC, the company that manufactures and sells the Original Adjustable Door Hinge www.adjustabledoorhinge.com. Bill has also served on the advisory panel on several TV shows featuring local inventors. (06/08/16)

Mr. Stephen Key, noted Author, licensing guru, and cofounder of InventRight, discussed "How to License an Idea With or Without a Patent". What does it really take to sell an idea? During this presentation, Stephen discussed the latest strategy he has developed to license ideas using merely a provisional patent application. As his latest book Sell Your Ideas With or Without a Patent lays out, effective intellectual property demands business strategy. Many of the products he has licensed required no intellectual property protection whatsoever. But he also knows what it takes to protect a big idea. Key successfully defended his ownership of Spinformation - a rotating label innovation featured on multiple products, protected by 20 U.S. and international patents, and the recipient of more than 13 industry awards - in Federal Court. Learn how to write provisional patent applications for the U.S. market that stop workarounds. (4/12/16)

The more than 20 products he has licensed over the past 35 years have sold in Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Disney stores and theme parks worldwide, as well as been endorsed by Michael Jordan, Alex Trebek, and Taylor Swift. In 2001, Key cofounded InventRight, a one-on-one coaching program that teaches people how to license their ideas. His first book, One Simple Idea: Turn Your Dreams Into a Licensing Goldmine While Letting Others Do the Work, has been translated into five other languages. He writes about entrepreneurship and licensing weekly online for Inc. and Entrepreneur.

Mr. Stephen Key of www.inventright.com presented "Learn How to Bring Ideas to Market". Mr. Key is a nationally renown licensing and inventing expert and he will be traveling all the way from Sacramento, CA to speak to us. He has licensed over 20 of his own products and holds over 12 patents, having had his products in Wal-Mart, the Disney Stores and 7/11. Stephen has been in national newspapers and magazines and on national TV shows such as The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and Dr. Phil. Mr. Key has also been a keynote speaker at the recent US Patent and Trademark Ofice's Independent Inventors Conference. He discussed his new upcoming book One Simple Idea for Startups and Entrepreneurs (6/27/12)

Via Skype, Warren Tuttle www.monasheemarketing.com. Warren has been helping independent inventors, designers and product developers take their innovative products to market for many years. He works with new product programs for Techtronic Industries NA (power tool brands such as Milwaukee, Roybi, and Homelite) www.powertoolinnovation.com, and Lifetime Brands (food preparation, table top and lifestyle products). Warren will guide you through the process of turning your idea or invention into the next big tool or houseware product on the retail store shelf. Warren, who has served for several years as the President of the United Inventors Association, has helped take several highly successful products directly to market and has orchestrated over fifty product licensing agreements between independents and large companies (4/9/14).

Al Muller presented a "Roadmap For Getting From The Idea Stage To A Marketable Product", and showed portions of a video of E. Joseph Cossman discussing "Approaches For Marketing A New Product". (2/10/16)

Via Skype: Patricia Nolan-Brown, www.youtube.com/user/ParachuteDog, successful inventor/entrepreneur and author of "IDEA TO INVENTION: What You Need To Know To Cash In On Your Inspiration". Patricia has built businesses around her patents and trademarks over the past 22 years. Most noted as the inventor of the best selling rear-facing car seat mirror, sold worldwide. Her message is that anyone can learn to invent using her 6 simple steps, and she teaches people how to do-it-themselves and not become victims or go broke. www.patricianolanbrown.com. (9/10/14)

Mike Bucci,discussed "Making the Jump from Good Idea to Commercial Success". and presented a Powerpoint presentation, via Skype. Mike is both an inventor and invention developer with several products on the market He has recently published a book to guide new inventors - “Start Living The American Dream- An Entrepreneurs Guide to Turning Your Idea Into Your Future”, available on Amazon.com. Start Living The American Dream (7/25/12)

Jim Debetta www.jimdebetta.com, author of "The Business of Inventing", and well known coach and mentor to thousands of inventors, discussed topics such as: Marketing and Selling Products to Major Retailers, "Product Development and Packaging", and Product Sourcing and Manufacturing". Jim has sold millions of dollars in product to the World's leading retailers and TV shopping networks. (2/13/13)

(Via Skype)Bill McHenry, of Envision Sales and Marketing. Envision Sales and Marketing provides resources that aren't readily available to inventors and entrepreneurs: Sales, Marketing, Design, Product Development, and Business services. (5/14/14)

"Evaluating the Viability of Your New Product Idea" - Skype interactive presentation by Cheryl Downing, www.cheryldowning.com. Cheryl is a small business marketing and crowdfunding consultant. Whether you want investment funding to manufacture and sell your new product idea or you want to license it to another company, you will be asked to prove your product's viability in the marketplace. As an inventor, you have to determine what resources will give you the answers required. You will need to utilize a variety of research methods--both online and offline--to achieve your goals. Cheryl will highlight the types of information to research, why it is important, and ways to cost-effectively find the information. (8/28/13)

Roger Brown via Skype. Roger is a freelance Inventor who has successfully marketed tools, toys and kitchen utensils. You can see some of his inventions at www.rogerbrown.net. Roger shared his secrets for licensing a product for less than $100 and valuable advice on how to prepare for your pitch. (8/22/12)

"How to make and use Press/Publicity Releases and Sell Sheets", Presented by Al Muller (6/8/11)

Kenny Durham, President of Innovators Warehouse in Lee's Summit, MO, presented their "Common Sense Approach to Commercializing your Intellectual Property". Innovator's Warehouse offers no-obligation marketing and professional advertising tools as packages or ala carte to help innovators and patent owners reach their goals. (10/27/10)

Gus Bigos, Product Scout for Evergreen IP. Evergreen IP helps inventors commercialize their products, and recently entered into an agreement with Clorox, under which they solicit new product concepts for them, screen those concepts using their proprietary process, then present selected concepts to Clorox to make a go/no go decision under a standard licensing deal. Gus explained what Clorox is looking for and how the standard licensing deal works. To see the various Clorox brands and products Click here (6/9/10)

Elliott Brackett of Exceptional Products, Inc. (EPI), www.sellontv.com a direct response television marketer and distributor based in Dallas discussed how they market products on television through long and short form commercials ("infomercials") as well as on QVC, HSN and national retailers. They are always looking for new, innovative mass market products. (9/23/09)

Video Presentation of E. Joseph Cossman, considered to be the ultimate “marketing guru” by his peers, discusses methods he used to make himself over a million dollars - 20 times in a row - with 20 different products ranging from popular toys to household items to world-famous art prints to sporting goods to insecticides. Some were world-famous fads including The Ant Farm and Shrunken Heads. (7/13/11)

"How to Sell Your Invention", presented by Sylvia Harris of Sandler Training. (10/8/08)

David Dupont, inventor of the Shure-Step® Safety Stepstools, discussed marketing strategies, and "How To Market Your Invention On The Internet". (1/23/08)

"The steps involved in getting from the idea stage to a marketable product", presented by Al Muller (4/25/07)

An Approach for Marketing a New Product,discussion led by Al Muller (8/26/06)

"Making Politics Work for Your Product", presented by Nancy Sauer, government relations consultant. Ms. Sauer has a particular interest in helping entrepreneurs understand how to harness the power of legislation and regulation to support new product innovation, development, marketing and appropriate regulation. (4/23/03)

Gary Michael Dahl told how he developed and is successfully marketing the "Rock N Roller"® Multi-Cart that transforms into any of 8 different configurations in seconds.(8/25/04)

Matt Yubas, author of the book "Product Idea to Product Success" was our featured speaker and offered HIA members a Special Package: a one-on-one coaching session at a discount, plus his book for free. (4/13/05)

Don Kilpatrick Discussed Lanham Act violations and unfair competition with patents. (3/8/06)

Rapid Prototyping", presented by Scott Vande Vegte, www.dserapid.com - Rapid Prototyping utilizing Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) to make inexpensive prototypes, models and parts in ABS plastic. (3/23/11)

"MAKING PROTOTYPES WITH 3D PRINTING", Presented by Butch Graham, HIA Vice President, and Michelle Saindon, Marketing Rep with Stratasys Direct Manufacturing in Austin Stratasysdirect.com. Butch will show and discuss the types of drawings used in the process, and will demonstrate his 3D printer in operation. Michelle will make a presentation and discuss the various types of 3D printers available and their printing and prototyping capabilities.

Mark Peterson, HIA Board Member, inventor, product designer and Design engineer, discussed Various Types of Prototyping Available to Inventors

"3-D Printing For Making Prototypes And Products", presented by Mr. Stacey Templeton, Marketing Director of www.kraftwurx.com. Kraftwurx has the most comprehensive list of 3D printed materials available for you to use anywhere. They offer twice as many materials as anyone else and their list is growing. Their materials are not just for art, they offer an array of engineering materials as well. (6/26/13)

Jason Applewhite, of Laser Imaging Co. discussed his company's 3-D imaging machines that can make plastic parts for inventors, and rapid prototyping services they provide. (4/25/12)

Mr. Bob Gilman, with Impac Systems Engineering, discussed how functional 3D ABS plastic rapid prototyping models and parts created on dimension printers result in fewer design changes, better product designs, lower production costs, and a shorter time to get your product to market.(8/24/11)

Randy Hillier, of Reynolds Advanced Materials - How to make your own molds and castings using Smooth-On rubbers, plastics, foams, and other products to turn your ideas into 3-dimensional reality. (5/26/04)

Solid Modeling-Rapid Prototyping, presented by Ivan (Webb) Byford of A-1 Solid Structures, Inc. and Eric Wilhite of Texas Engineering Systems (8/27/03)

Gary Hinds of Texcast - Producer of prototype to short-run investment castings. Provides rapid prototyping and manufacturing services. Manufactures parts of all sizes and intricate shapes, from prototype to 10,000 pieces. (6/11/03)

Joe Nicklo - "Building Inexpensive Rubber Molds For Prototypes". (8/28/02)

Crowd Funding, Venture Capital, Investors, Financing
Adewale Adelusi-Adeluy, of Sarvi Designs, local inventor and HIA member, presented "Preparing for Crowdfunding". He covered the basics and what you need to know and have in order to successfully crowdfund a product. Adewale has obtained funding and launched several successful products using crowd funding venues including "Kickstarter". (9/13/17)

From Idea To Manufacturing Via Crowd Funding - presented by Adewale Adelusi-Adeluyi, a local inventor and HIA member. He will describe the process in detail. Adewale has launched several successful products using crowd funding venues including Kickstarter, some of which can be seen at www.2040studio.com and www.sarvidesigns.com (10/8/14).

Preparing A Business Plan, Presented by Mr. Richard Foster of Frost Bank (9/26/12).

Mr. Johnnie Simpson, Jr. discussed "Developing a Business Plan". Mr. Simpson is a Business Coach at Apex Strategic Management LLC, and Media Specialist at CF Media Solutions. He has a background of writing business and marketing plans for small to medium sized businesses and project management, as well as audio production, video production, and video editing. (3/13/13)

Martin Scheid, partner at The Forte Group, LLC, a Houston consulting network of senior business executives committed to helping owners of small and medium-sized businesses realize their full potential by assisting in business planning, process improvement, procedures development, staffing, finance, sales, marketing, and succession planning. (7/22/09)

Bob Pitaro of Chase Bank discussed SBA loans and other financing services.

"Return to Reality - Venture Capital", presented by Dennis E. Murphree, of Murphree Venture Partners. A seed and early stage venture capital firm that makes direct equity investments exclusively in high-technology enterprises, in areas such as Internet infrastructure and application software, life sciences, telecommunications, and optical/semiconductor devices. (7/23/03)

"Determining How to Market Your Idea", presented by Shelley Roth of Springboard Ventures®, Inc. - A company assisting early stage technology companies with all phases of business development by connecting Entrepreneurs to a network of Investors, Mentors, Professional Service Providers, online/offline educational resources. (6/25/03)

Taxes and Business Planning
Patent Attorney, Kevin Jones, Kevin M. Jones & Associates, LLC discussed forming a new business around your invention and how to protect your new venture. Kevin's firm provides services for the small to medium business including - Business Formation, Contract Review & Drafting, Non-Profit Formation & Management, Patent Prosecution, Inventor Support, Mediation. (2/8/12)

Product Liability Insurance - Trinity Universal Insurance (3-9-05).

W. Edgar (Ed) Blair, CPA, with Newton, Newton, Downs & Blair discussed "Tax Strategies For Inventors", what expenses are deductible and what you must do to deduct them. (2/11/04)

Bill Sherrill, Founder and Co-Chairman of the U of H Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation spoke about Successful Entrepreneurship. (3/30/04)

Office Organization & Time Management
"How To Create An Organized Office", presented by Holly Uverity - Her Houston based firm, Office Organizers, works with clients to maximize their effectiveness by creating organization systems, and also provides seminars on time management and organization skills. (8/24/05)

How Fellow Inventors Did It
Greg Bruce, from Galveston, discussed how he invented the "Cardio Poles Air Resistance Exercise System", received assistance from Edison Nation, was featured in the season 4 TV series of "Everyday Edisons", and debuted his invention on HSN. Since then, he has done some rebranding, and is marketing them on his own. Greg also talk about the Cardio Poles and the difficulties and things a small inventor needs to know about manufacturing and marketing their products. (10/10/18)

Mike Watts, a successful local inventor and entrepreneur, presented "How I Took 3 Consecutive Inventions to a Million$+ in Sales and How You Can Do the Same." Mike has many success and battle stories that he will share. His startup companies (all licensed patents) include: www.lovehandle.com, www.pivotrim.com (frequently seen in As Seen on TV ads), and www.rootanchor.com. Mike is a serial startup entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author, 2-time winner of the Aggie 100, Winner Inc. Magazine 5000, and recent partner with Daymond John of Shark Tank. (8/14/19)

Leah and John Stephens, from The Woodlands, discussed how they invented and marketed their "Sound Defense" dog repellent device that emits an audible sound that keeps aggressive dogs a safe distance from bicyclists, joggers, and walkers. It can also be used as a personal alarm, bike horn, and distress alarm. They will describe how they went from the idea stage through the prototyping, testing, manufacturing, and marketing stages. (3/14/18)

Danny Blacker,a local inventor from Richmond, TX, discussed how he invented "The Shower Lily" ergonomic comfort handle that allows the user to attach a loofah sponge, add soap and water, and wash their back, submitted it to Edison Nation, and had it picked up by Bed, Bath & Beyond in 2013. Shower Lily Edison Nation Danny is an inventor, entrepreneur, and Engineering Design Technician at Rice University. Now with 2 patents pending he continues to design and solve problems of the masses while also working full-time with the Engineering undergraduates at Rice, as well as working with his wife on their health and wellness company, 8twelve LLC. (4/12/2017)

Geneva Grainger www.GenevaGranger.com is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin and South Texas College of Law in Houston, and is a successful inventor and entrepreneur. She discussed how she successfully developed several innovative products in diverse fields that have been featured on the Today Show, in numerous magazines, and are available in stores across the US. Her website and books feature inventing and marketing tips. (7/24/13)

Dan MacFarlane, Local world class skateboarder, HIA member, and owner of Houston Skateboards, will discussed "How to Fund Your Products and Brands Using Low Risk Techniques". Dan has used bootstrapping, licensing, and other methods, bringing his various brands and products onto national TV, and into stores worldwide. He has successfully launched best-selling skateboarding videos, skateboards, and other related products. His latest project is www.houstonskateboards.com (9/15/18)

Betsy Kauffman's As Seen On TV Product Ever dreamed of coming up with an "As-Seen-On-TV" infomercial product? Well, Betsy Kaufman, a Houston a freelance television producer, did just that. Betsy told how she came up with the idea for a product called Eggies, which allows you to boil eggs in a classic hard-boiled shape but without their shell on (you may have seen the infomercial), how she found a company called Edison Nation, which produces the "Everyday Edisons" TV show, and also publishes "Inventors Digest" magazine, how they developed the product and infomercial, and how it is going since then (10/12/11)

Sandeep "Sandy" Seth, Patent Attorney specializing in litigation, also an inventor and manufacturer answered questions about patenting, litigating and manufacturing your invention. (11/26/11)

Bill Bragman, Eric Miller, and Steve Raymond discussed how they developed and are successfully marketing their "Original Adjustable Door Hinge" that replaces the conventional door hinge and allows the level of interior and exterior doors that are not closing or opening correctly because of settling of the foundation or other reasons to be adjusted to hang correctly. No shaving of the doors are necessary. Saves time and money. (1/26/11)

Jeannette Young discussed her Tree Stake product Tree Stake Solutions, which is a significant cost-effective improvement over conventional tree stacking methods. The Safety Stake does not have any protruding elements or guy wires, therefore greatly reducing injuries and property liability; produces healthier trees; stabilizes the tree by anchoring the root ball and doesn't bind the tree; allows the tree to sway, promoting proper root development; creates a custom aesthetic design appearance; installs in minutes; and does not interfere with mowing. (9/14/11)

Daniel Hashim with the Rice University Smalley Institute, discussed and demonstrated his Nanosponges that soak up oil again and again, and John Marsh, Director of the nanotechnology department, explained basic nano technology and how nanos can be used commercially.

Linda Marroquin, Co-Founder and CEO of FrogPad Inc. discussED "Multi Touch Displays Using The FrogPad system. "FrogPad" is a portable one-handed keyboard. It's practical, simple, and intuitive, 20-key text/numeric data entry design uses patented algorithms and ergonomic optimization providing all of the functionality of a standard keyboard. The full-size keys ensure accuracy, ease of use, and speed for all desktop and mobile computing applications. (6/10/09)

Steve Machiorlette, of Worth Home Products discussed how they developed and are marketing their innovative recessed light conversion kit that simply screws in like a light bulb and easily transforms a recessed light into a pendant light. It can save hundreds of dollars on re-wiring, dry wall and painting expenses. The screw-in pendant light is a latest trend for home remodeling and creates energy-efficient lighting when remodeling. (1/28/09)

Ron Daniels, a Harris County Constable reserve captain, and President of Millennium Lock Co. discussed how he invented, patented and is selling the "The Ultimate Lock", www.theultimatelock.com, a revolutionary door lock system that is stronger than any other deadbolt door lock. (6/25/08)

Peter Aronstam, Co-founder and President of Adaptive-AC, Inc., discussed their affordable remote control air conditioning grill mounted devices that make air conditioning more efficient. The devices restrict or boost air flow through the duct or vent to which it is attached and do not require changing the existing ductwork or register boxes for installation. (5/28/08)

James Williams discussed how invented his "Triangle-noes" strategy board game and his marketing endeavors. (4/23/08)

William Baird, of BeeAware, Inc., www.beealert.com discussed his patent pending BeeAlert System, the first nontoxic and environmentally safe spray mist that protects against killer bee attacks. The spray formula kills attacking bees, wasps, and stinging insects on contact and, unlike other bee and wasp sprays, can be used around adults, children, pets, and plants. The formula attacks the breathing systems of the insects effectively drowning them on contact. The BeeAlert Bee Control System is available in three highly effective spray devices: A Portable Unit, a Tractor Mounted System and an Aerosol Spray. (3/12/08)

Jerry Stoller, of Stoller Group, www.stollerusa.com discussed how his products make things flourish to get the most out of their natural potential. The products developed by his company and its subsidiaries have been able to get as much as a 400 percent crop increase out of some plants, helping feed populations the world over. (3/26/08)

Gary Cooper, of Chatterbats (www.Chatterbats.com) discussed how he invented and marketed the "Chatterbats" - small plastic replicas of a real baseball bat that create a soft SHUSH sound and serve as spirit enhancers and souvenirs. (10/10/07)

James Carmouche, of Industrial Innovations ™ LLC (www.pullingtools.com) discussed how he developed and marketed his patented "Eradicator" and "Master Extractor" tools that pull and remove poured concrete forms, fence posts, and large poles (such as utility poles) that are embedded in the ground. (4/28/10)

Mike Parker of Web Devices, Inc. discussed some of the niche-specific items they produce which includes everything from chain and rope ladders to protective debris nets, self-retracting lifelines and body harnesses used by workers on hazardous jobs, and the patented "Tool Spider", an elastic tether that attaches on a worker's belt or harness to restrain tools.

Travis Parigi, Founder of Liquid Frameworks told how he developed and is marketing the "Field Pro 2006" software program deployed on a portable tablet PC or laptop that allows field engineers and sales engineers to create quotes and field tickets or invoices on a job site or in the field and electronically integrate it into their existing accounting and invoicing system. (10/1/06)

Marilyn Marshall, told how she developed, patented, and is manufacturing and marketing her "Marilyn Light Bags", illuminated totes & handbags containing a light in the interior and a personal alarm system. (9/13/06)

Mike Zerkus, of CM Research told how he and Jeff Akers developed and licensed their Tempguard® devices that record and display the temperature history of perishable food and other products that require their temperature to be maintained throughout their shipping cycle. (11/9/05)

Houston dermatologist Dr. Milton Moore, www.mooreunique.com discussed how he developed, patented, and is marketing a full line of 12 skin care products. (9/28/05)
Narmin Parpia, inventor of the Potty Scotty® and Potty Patty® potty training dolls and Potty Training System www.pottytrainingconcepts.com. Narmin's products have been featured on Television and Talk Shows. (9/14/05)

David Seitz, inventor of the SEISCO tankless water heaters, discussed how he developed a complete new level of technology for tankless water heaters that has become recognized as the standard for all tankless water heaters. (8/10/05)

Yamile Jackson, of Zakeez told how she invented and is marketing the innovative "Zaky" infant pillow that is designed to mimic the size, weight, touch and feel of the hand and forearm of the mother. (7/13/05)

Kevin Hester - how he invented and is marketing the "Original Cajun ChickCan", the hottest new product in outdoor cooking. It is the wire frame can holder used for making the famous "Drunk Chicken" or "Beer Can Chicken" recipe. Put your beer can (or other canned beverage) inside the ChickCan™ wire frame and put your chicken on top of the ChickCan™ and get the most flavorful, moist chicken ever! (7/28/04)

Rajan Sedalia, Industrial Designer, Illustrator and Inventor www.artjar.com discussed his "Grippster™" ladder safety product that prevents ladders from sliding and skidding on irregular and curved surfaces is currently available in select Home Depots and at Amazon.com and was the winner of Business Week Magazine's Annual Design Awards and IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence Award) for 2001. Raj's inventions, designs and cartoons have appeared on PBS, FOX, WB and featured in Parade, Popular Science and Business Week magazines. (6/9/04)

Dr. Don Rudd, Chief Scientist and Director of Intellectual Property for Regenetech, Inc., the nation's leading adult stem cell research company, will speak on the science of the stem cell research involved in organ regeneration. He will also discuss embryonic and adult stem cells and the legal and health implications of this type of research. (6/28/06)

Steve Jenkins told how he and his father invented and successfully marketed the ingenious Snowmaster Snowscoop™ which has been described as, "the best snow removal invention in years!" for clearing snow from driveways, walkways, patios, and decks. (2/25/04)

Genevieve Baker discussed how she started her own business and developed "Pipe Wrap", a leak repair kit for all kinds of pipes, from residential plumbing to oil and gas pipelines, and a variation called "SplashGuard" which is designed to protect offshore oil and gas pipelines from corrosion. (11/12/03)

Gretchen Penny, www.easyexpression.com, told how she created and marketed the Easy Expression™ Bustier, a hands-free breast pumping bra for new mothers. (10/22/03)

Linda Marroquin, discussed how she promoted and raised funds for the "Frog Pad" one-handed keyboard. (8/11/04)

Henry Sullivan of North American Technologies Group, Inc. discussed how they landed a $55M railroad-tie contract for their patented "TieTek" composite railroad ties. (8/13/03)

Johnny Rouse, of Texas Assistive Devices, - how some good ol' boys designed and developed an award wining wrist adapter and a line of products for the upper extremity amputee and people with hand disabilities, from wrenches and screwdrivers to cup holders and other innovative devices. (9/10/03)

Mr. Henry Elliot and Dr. Dennis Peterson of Peterson Science & Technology, Austin TX, discussed their "Flaizer® Head" fully automatic cutting head for lawn trimmers. (7/24/02)

Ken Bancroft discussed "Electric Cars" and how he builds them. (5/23/01)

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