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Pitchmen DVD Pitchmen DVD
Pitchmen follows the adventures of Billy Mays and Anthony "Sully" Sullivan, two of the most famous and successful pitchmen in history, as they scour the world for inventions they believe can make it to the big time. In each episode this odd couple of pitchmen partners become potential dream merchants for the inventors they discover; most of whom have staked everything they own, and then some, on their inventions.
Price: DVD $39.95
Mothers Of Invention DVD
Meet the inventive women whose stories and creations have been overshadowed by the exploits of their male counterparts. 50 Minutes
Price: DVD $24.95
The Inventors DVD
Thomas Edison and Henry Ford transformed the way America lives and works--and left behind an impressive architectural legacy. 50 Minutes
Price: $24.95
The Google Boys
An intimate portrait of Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the unlikely moguls who managed to reinvent the planet's business model before their thirtieth birthdays.
Price: $24.95 $19.98
Creation Of The Computer DVD
It is the machine at the center of the information age. From mechanical counting devices to Windows and Apples, here is the incredible story of the computer. 50 minutes
Price: $24.95
Computers DVD
From colossal devices designed to save the world to mind-expanding, world-shrinking machines, we trace the evolution of mice and menus.
Price: $24.95
Bill Gates: Sultan of Software DVD
From college dropout to the world's richest man, follow the amazing journey of the sultan of software. 50 Minutes
Price: $24.95
Edison Tech DVD
From his famous successes to false starts and failures, examine the inventing career of the "father of the future." Rare footage and photos from his lab show Edison at work. Learn the fascinating stories behind his incredible inventions - and frequent failures. 50 Minutes
Price: $24.95
Da Vinci and the Code he lived by DVD
Lose yourself in the world of art, invention and intrigue surrounding the ultimate Renaissance man. 91 Minutes
Price: $24.95
The 80's Tech DVD
The 1980's were the transitory period between the Industrial and the Information Age. The decade ushered in creations, big and small, that would change the world forever. The cell phone, Rubik's Cube, the Walkman, and the first CD player were all products of the age. Meet Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. And discover how the microchip became key in all sorts of inventions. 50 Minutes
Price: $24.95
Digi-Tech DVD
Get the inside scoop on the "gotta-have" devices that are the foot soldiers in the digital revolution. 50 Minutes
Price: $24.95
Ron Popeil: America's Inventor DVD
'But wait, there's more!' Meet the inventor and ultimate TV pitchman responsible for popularizing the infomercial and the creator of the multi-million dollar company that bears his name - Ronco. Best known for the Pocket Fisherman, Spray-on hair, the Smokeless Ashtray, Mr. Microphone, the Amazing Veg-O-Matic, and the Showtime Rotisserie. 50 Minutes
Price: $24.95
Ancient Inventions DVD
From the pyramids to a battery built before the birth of Christ, discover the stunning technological achievements of the ancients. 100 Minutes
Price: DVD $29.95
Thomas Edison and the Electric Chair DVD
Find out why Thomas Edison patented the device which has sent thousands of Americans to their deaths. 50 Minutes
Price: $24.95
Garage Gadgets DVD
Get the scoop on everything from the gas grill to the lawnmower. Throw open the rolling door and look at the jumble of stuff that keeps the car from going in there: the snow blowers, the barbecue grill, the lawn mower, and maybe even a table saw. The garage is just as often the refuge of the American male as it is the home for the family car. And the stuff kept there (or in the basement or garden shed) reflects the demands and expectations of maintaining a home and property. 50 Minutes
Price: DVD $24.95
More Gadgets
Zippo lighters, transistor radios and the safety razor are among the humble but influential inventions chronicled here. 50 Minutes
Price: DVD $24.95
Failed Inventions DVD
Cars-turned-boats, rocket belts and more--explore the world of almosts and not-quites in the search for the next big thing. 50 Minutes
Price: DVD $24.95
Wild West Gadgets DVD
Invention took many forms on the frontier, some good, some bad, and some simply bizarre. 50 Minutes
Price: DVD $24.95
The Telephone DVD
Trace the history and technology of the telephone, from Alexander Graham Bell's crude creation to today's high-speed wireless networks. Visit the AT&T archives to trace the development of telephone tech and visit labs where the future of communication - the very stuff of science fiction - is taking shape today. 50 Minutes
Price: DVD $24.95
Captured Light: The Invention of Still Photography DVD
From the Arabian camera obscura of a thousand years ago to the Daguerrotype and George Eastman's innovations, this is the remarkable story of the birth of photography. 50 Minutes
Price: DVD $24.95
Inventions Of War DVD
Out of the death and suffering of combat have come many of the everyday items we take for granted. 50 Minutes
Price: $24.95
Ben Franklin DVD
A fresh, down-to-earth, informative look at one of America's most essential human monuments. Text Extras Include Timeline, List of Inventions, Anecdotes, and more. 100 Minutes
Price: $24.95
Benjamin Franklin: Citizen of the World DVD
Franklin's own words come alive in this detailed portrait of America's first great statesman and Renaissance man. This DVD Library title is created in the DVD+R format. 50 Minutes
Price: $24.95
The Roadmap to Success: The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch The Roadmap to Success: The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch CNBC's Donny Deutsch arms you with actionable strategies and the expert advice you need to drive your ideas to the next level in these four groundbreaking episodes of The Big Idea. Whether itís launching a business and working toward making your first million or evolving your business and innovating for the future, these hour-long programs present the information you need to harness your Big Idea. The following progams are included in this CNBC Exclusive 2-disc set: MAKING YOUR FIRST MILLION Donny teaches how to obtain the mindset, tools, and financing you need to put your business on the path to success and achieve this key milestone. BECOMING A HOUSEHOLD NAME From building brand recognition to getting free publicity, use this episode to recognize the art of selling yourself and your business. EXPANDING YOUR BUSINESS Unlock the secrets to growing your business beyond the first million and how to take it to the next level. EVOLVING YOUR BUSINESS Learn how change can help grow your bottom line and the methods and skills it takes to make millions year after year.

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