Build With Steel Pipe
Patented Clamps Make It Easy!
You can use steel pipe to put up a building frame without any drilling, thread-cutting or even welding by using new clamps designed by Mills Tourtellotte, Rosenberg, Texas. "Steel pipe is stronger, much more fire resistant than wood, and is flood and termite-proof. In some places, used pipe is as readily available as wood and priced comparably," Tourtellotte says.

He set out a few years ago to put up a building with a steel pipe frame. Trouble was, after trying all the clamps he could find, he wasn't satisfied. So Tourtellotte designed his own clamps that worked so well be decided to patent them (U.S. Patent 5,961,248).

There are no holes to drill, no pipe threads, no bolts needed, and no welding. The clamps connect to make a right angle cross. Fabricators, Inc.makes and sells the clamps in many different sizes. The smallest connects 1/4-inch pipe to 3/8-inch pipe. The largest connects 4-inch to 8-inch pipe.

"Our clamps are more economical and work better than anything on the market," he insists, "in fact, most of the clamp sizes we make aren't available from any other source."

All you need to build with these clamps is a plan, pipe, a measuring tape, a pipe cutter and a wrench. "They can be put in place quickly and they can be loosened to adjust the pipes or to disassemble the joint, if needed. "That's something our main competitors can't do," he says.

Prices range from $2.10 for the smallest clamp to $41.70 for the largest. If you're interested in building with pipe, Tourtellotte will send a sample of a clamp holding two sections of 3/4-in. pipe, along with a complete listing of sizes available and prices. Send $5.00 for a sample and information.

TO ORDER: contact Mills Tourtellote
Fabricators, Inc.
418 Avenue H
Box 242
Rosenberg, TX 77471
Phone: (281) 232-6547 or (281) 232-3407 and Fax
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