The Bottle Butler ô

The safest most spill-free way to open champagne and twist-off tops.......

Because the bottle and stopper remains securely covered the whole time!

The Bottle Butlerô is an ingeniously simple but innovative champagne bottle opener combination bottle cap. It's a durable elastic sheath, designed to effectively restrain and contain cork and plastic stoppers. A simple twist and the cork pops out subdued inside the Bottle Butlerô. Guards against spills and assures fast, easy, safe removal of champagne corks.

Fits over the bottle like a glove to shield against the explosive release of the cork from the bottle. An excellent deterrent against mishaps caused by free-flying corks - property damage, messy spills, and serious hand or eye injuries.

The Bottle Butlerô makes a convenient airtight cap! Just slip it on and store left over champagne upright in the fridge, or simply use it to top the open bottle after pouring.

Also, It's a handy way to twist-off hard-to-open soda and beer bottle caps. It's like having several products in one!

Makes a great advertising specialty Item. Show your customers and friends - YOU CARE ABOUT SAFETY- while show casing your company name or service with custom imprinting.

Millions of gallons of champagne and sparkling wine are sold each year. Increase your sales and your share of this enormous market by displaying the Bottle Butlerô with the champagne, sparkling wine and at the check out stands. Win your customers respect and appreciation by carrying such a useful, low cost, safety item.

This item is currently in production and I'm also taking orders over the Internet

For more information, contact: James Sweed
P.O. Box 35342
Houston, TX 77235-5342
Phone: (713) 664-2396
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