To The Big Idea Group Inventor Network:


We'd like to announce the Skil Idea Hunt for Drill Modules.


We're looking for your ideas about how to enhance Skil's corded or cordless drills. Specifically, we're looking for modules that could be added to Skil's existing and future drills (including hammer drills) to enhance performance or offer another feature.  Skil has successfully introduced a modular stud finder for its drills and is interested in clever ideas for more such modules.


The most active, creative participants in the Hunt will receive a Skil drill.  More importantly, the best ideas we receive will be presented to Skil for possible licensing agreements.


Skil background

Skil was founded in 1924 as the Michel Electric Handsaw Company and renamed Skilsaw, Inc., in 1926.  Today Skil tools are found in homes and the workplace, performing a variety of tasks.  The company's product line now features more than 50 tools, from circular saws and jigsaws to sanders and drills.  For more information on Skil and its products, visit


Invention guidelines


(1) Ideally, the module you propose would work with both corded and cordless drills, including hammer drills.

(2) The module should have the same footprint as their stud finder, which is on their 12V drill (2467-03).  However, your module does not have to be the same height.  NOTE:  We have a very limited number of stud finders available, which we can send inventors (only one per household) on a first come, first serve basis.  We regret that we cannot send the modules outside the continental U.S.

(3) Battery requirements for your module DONšT have to match the stud finder.

(4) The module should be relatively cheap-$10 or less at retail.

(5) The module should be a widely desirable feature-not a specialized tool used only rarely.

(6) The module should NOT require internal modification of the existing drill; it should be an add-on. (Skil plans to modify most of its existing drills to accommodate modules.)

(7) The module should NOT be a feature commonly already found on most Skil drills.

(8) The module does NOT have to be patentable.  Conversely, it should not rely on getting permission to use an existing patent (unless that patent is owned by Skil).

(9) Other factors to consider:  safety, ease of use, ease of manufacturing, defensibility (not easily copied).


Who can participate


The Hunt is open to both professional and amateur inventors.  Participants under age 18 must have a parent or legal guardian fill out the Entry Agreement and sign all agreements.  Ideas created by multiple inventors are welcome, though you must indicate that on the entry form. Employees, immediate families, members of the same household, or affiliates and agents of Big Idea Group and Skil are not eligible to participate.


What does it cost to enter?


Entry is free.


Who will evaluate the ideas?


Big Idea Group will review ideas and show the best ones to Skil.


What do I send and where?


At a minimum, we require you to send Big Idea Group the following:

* A completed Entry Agreement (click here for form).  One form will cover all your entries.

* A brief typewritten explanation of your idea-one idea per page, please

* A visual of your idea (you will NOT be judged on professionalism of the visual)-one idea per page, please.  If design/look or color are key to your invention, we recommend that you mail a color visual.

* Other materials such as prototypes, tech specs, home videos explaining the idea, etc., are welcome but not necessary.


NOTE:  All materials submitted should be duplicates.  We can't return material, so please don't send originals unless you don't need them returned.


What can I win?


Skil will award drills to the most active, creative participants.  More importantly, the best ideas we receive will be presented to Skil for possible licensing agreements.


Submission deadline


Entries are due on or before June 13, 2003.  Please mail your submission(s) to

Skil Drill Idea Hunt

Big Idea Group

814 Elm St., Ste. 300

Manchester, NH 03101


Or you can fax your submissions to

Skil Drill Idea Hunt



Important note


The Inventor must understand and agree that Skil and BIG are involved in the business of researching and developing many ideas for new products and that either Skil or BIG may have previously received, or may receive third party ideas similar or identical to the Inventor's idea and that the Inventor's participation in this Hunt will not in any way limit Skil's or BIG's right to use any such idea as they deem appropriate.




Skil is currently working on these modules:  (1) tape measure/voice recorder, and (2) depth sensor.  Skil is still open to Inventor suggestions on these modules.  However, in the spirit of fair disclosure, Skil and BIG wanted Inventors to be aware that internal development is already in progress in these areas.




Questions regarding this Hunt can be emailed to