What Big Foot catches, it keepsWhat Big Foot catches, it keepsWhat Big Foot catches, it keepsWhat Big Foot catches, it keeps

BIG FOOTTM...the vacuum cleaner nozzle

Big FootTM is a totally new vacuum cleaner nozzle attachment in concept and appearance. It is designed to clean non-porous floors, such as wood, linoleum, concrete, paver bricks, etc.; it can even clean tightly woven carpets. It cleans better and much faster than other nozzles, making vacuuming desirable and fun, not a repulsive chore; transparency gives the user adaptability and instant gratification. It appears flat, but the fluid flow equations dictate that it be slightly concave to the floor; the recommended consumer version as shown measures 10 X 10 X 2.5 inches for the 1.25-inch hose model.

It is apparently the first vacuum cleaner nozzle to incorporate the momentum equations of fluid mechanics into a utility patent (USP 6,105,207); theoretically it should be the best and fastest design possible. Unlike other nozzles, this design uses the full air horsepower available; by eliminating choked flow, all energy is converted to a sweeping velocity along the floor, i.e. not trying to suck the floor into the cleaner. It cannot vacuum lock to the floor, and allows smooth easy strokes in all directions, unlike the jerky back and forth motions of other nozzles. It cleans surfaces others cannot, such as paving-brick floors.

My tests show Big FootTM to be up to four times faster clearing birdseed, BB's, sawdust, etc. from a 20 X 20 foot garage floor. A 12 minute video is available on VHS tape and CD-ROM showing Big FootTM in operation.

This patent and the STL-CAD program are available for license or sale. A Stereo lithographic Apparatus full-scale working model is available for examination proving the design is ready for making production injection molds. Customized changes can be made with minimum research and development expenses. Simple revisions can change: for different mass flow rates, width, standoff height, velocity at the edges, and central pickup velocity, hose diameter, etc.

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