The Intruder Alert Window Bar (U.S. Patent 6,388,572) is a horizontal bar that is easily installed across the top of any standard window having a lower window panel that can be raised.The Bar can be used directly across the top of the lower window panel or spaced above it so that it can be raised let fresh air in.The Bar has pressure sensitive alarms to alert owner that the window has been raised or if the bar has been removed.

In 1999, there were approximately 24,724 burglaries of those 24,724 burglaries approximately 16,400 were residence burglaries of those 16,400 burglaries approximately 8,000 gained access through the window. This bar will alert you when you are at home and someone is trying to enter through the window even when the window is halfway up.
FOR INFORMATION, contact: Annie L. Salter
12108 Sandpiper
Houston, TX 77035
Phone: (713) 885-0460
Cell Phone: (713) 504-4632

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