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HIA Facebook Group Page
Did you know we now have a Facebook Group Page? The purpose of the Group Page is to provide an interactive forum or message board where members can comment on speakers, meetings, ask questions, make suggestions, provide feedback, receive help, etc. Bill Kopitzke is the main administrator.

The "Group" page is different from a regular Facebook "Page", in that you can't get there by "liking" or being a "friend"…you have to "Join" the group to participate. Group members must be approved or added by other members.

To "Join" the group, if you are logged in on facebook, you can click the Facebook logo below. If you are not logged in or if you are NOT already a member of the Facebook Group, you can log into your personal Facebook page and do a search for Houston Inventors Association at the top of your page, and the HIA Facebook Group page will appear…it is the one with the tan logo with two silhouettes showing "Houston Inventors Association" and "Group". If you click on that, there will be a "JOIN GROUP" button just beneath the photo strip at the top of the HIA Group page. After that, a request comes to us, you are approved, and we're all set.

After you are a group member, when you are on your personal Facebook page, the small logo and Houston Inventors Association should appear in the left-hand column under Groups. If you don't see it, click on "Home" and HIA should appear under groups. Click on that. We have found that you may have to go through the search and login steps a few times before it shows up in your left-hand column.

You can also "add friends", if they are on Facebook, by clicking on the box on the right-hand side of the HIA Facebook Group page on the box that says "+ Add Friends To Group", and typing in their name.

Once you're on the HIA Group page, there are some boxes ("about us", "events", etc). The first box will tell you about HIA and will give a link to the HIA Website. We have been tweaking and testing for a couple of months, and you will see some general information and articles about inventors and inventions that have been posted. These articles will be replaced with more relevant information as we progress, and meeting announcements will be added to the other areas.

Group members get "notified" by email about all new posts in a group unless they choose to restrict their group notification settings. This can sometimes become annoying if you have no interest in the particular article or content. To change your notification settings for a group, go to the group and click the Notifications button at the top right of the page. You can turn notifications on or off from the dropdown menu.

Another drawback we have found is that the default Facebook Group page header is an ever changing and growing list of profile pictures of members who have been active most recently either through comments, likes or uploads which will become increasingly larger and occupy more space over time. We plan to replace the numerous profile pictures with a more professional static banner or image which will allow announcements and members' posts to be easily seen when they log in.

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