Patented Retractable Seat Attachment for Desks
U.S. Patent No. 6,641,213
Attaches to the side of a desk and has a retractable support arm with a seat at one end that is movable between a flipped-up stored position closely adjacent to the side of the desk and an outwardly extended deployed position to provide an auxiliary seating surface. An optional support leg connected with the support arm pivots between a stored position within the support arm and a vertical position beneath the seat for added support. The seat also flips up when the unit is extended to allow the desk drawers to be pulled out for easy access.

Installed easily and quickly on either side of an existing desk to provide a temporary auxiliary seat for a visitor or guest to sit adjacent to the desk while conversing with the person seated at the desk.

The ideal solution to the problem of compact quarters and limited workspaces such as small cubicles where there is no room for storing a guest chair, and small rooms in apartments and dwellings where the room also serves as a home office, workroom, dining room, or bedroom, and rooms that may contain bookshelves, or other large pieces of furniture or appliances.

Will not detract from the decor of the room or workspace in which it is used.

This patent is available for license or sale. Prototypes or a video are available.

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