"Beehive Picture Hangers"
Patent Pending

Picture hangers that allow the frame to be adjusted in any direction in less than five seconds, after the picture is hung on the wall.

The Beehive Hangers are made from plate steel and are yellow zinc coated. Each hanger has 68 hexagonal holes, approximately 1/8" in diameter, with approximately 1/32" space between each hole. The Beehive Hangers come with specially designed wall pins.

Current Solutions: The most common method of hanging pictures is the sawtooth hanger. While this does provide a way to move frames in a horizontal direction, any diagonal or vertical adjustment will require removal and repositioning of the nails in the wall. Next would be the wire hanging method. This method does not allow for adjustment of the position of the frame. Any adjustments must be made by removing and repositioning the nail(s). There are numerous other options, however, none of those available on the market provide the solutions that the Beehive Hangers provide.

Job Identification and Market Appeal: With traditional picture hangers, if the consumer does not get the frame in the right position the first time, they will be required to remove the nail from the wall, and reposition it. This creates unwanted holes in the wall. The Beehive Hangers solve the problem of having to remove and replace nails or other hardware in the wall. With each hanger having 68 holes, there are 68 positions to choose from on each corner of the frame.

Competition: There are no products on the market that are even remotely similar.

Major Benefits:
  • Pictures can be adjusted in ANY DIRECTION in less than five seconds
  • No exact wall or frame measurements required
  • No more hiding or patching unwanted nail holes
  • Frames won't move or tilt from wall vibration or when cleaning
  • Fits most wood and synthetic frames, 5/16" or wider
  • Holds up to 30 lbs.- Supported weight depends on conditions
  • Suggested Distribution:
    One of the most attractive benefits of the Beehive Hangers, is their suitability to a broad range of retailers, including, but not limited to, big box retailers, home improvement, hardware, pharmacy, grocery, and frame shops.
    In addition, these are an ideal product for frame manufacturers to include with their frames that are pre-cut and packaged for retail sales.
    To see a video, For more information, or to place an order, click:

    4135 White Pine Drive
    Dorr, MI 49323
    Phone: 616-681-0799
    Email: support@beehivehangers.com

    Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.
    Distributor, Retailer, and Licensee inquiries are welcomed

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